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Newsletter October 2018

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Looking back at I-STEP!

Unbelievable! In about one month we will close off the I-STEP project. With a gr...

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bdf artikel Looking back at I-STEP!

Looking back at I-STEP!

Unbelievable! In about one month we will close off the I-STEP project. With a great partnership we have been working on international student entrepreneurship for two years. The biggest highlight of the two years was the I-STEP training week in which four students and one teacher from The Netherlands, Lithuania, the UK and Ireland came together in Birmingham for one week to work on the International Student Entrepreneurs Programme. The impact of this week was great! International team work, different cultures, out of the box thinking, social entrepreneurship, and so on. The training week has made a huge contribution to the personal and professional development of both teachers and students.

The I-STEP project has resulted in the development of materials to support the implementation of international entrepreneurship activities in vocational education and training:

The schools in the partnership are planning to use the International Student Entrepreneurs Programme inside their organisation and we encourage others to do this as well! Start implementing the International Student Entrepreneurs Programme and organise international meetings between students and teachers to work on international entrepreneurship topics together!

Last Tuesday we organised a local event together with our partner Noorderpoort to celebrate the I-STEP results, outcomes and impact. A wide variety of participants attended the event representing VET schools, higher educational institutes, business supporting organisations, intermediary organisations, research institutions and governmental initiatives. The event started with a presentation about the the I-STEP project and its results. Then it was time for some action! The participants of the event had to work on Activity 1 of Module 1 of the International Student Entrepreneurs Programme. Groups of 2-3 people were formed and they had to explore international opportunities by combining two existing foreign businesses into one new business. They had to think of a company name, product or service, target group and unique selling points. In the end they had to pitch their business idea in front of the group. Crazy, innovative and creative business ideas came to the floor. After a break with pizza and drinks it was time for Luna, one of the students that participated in the I-STEP training week, to present her I-STEP (learning) experiences. Her presentation was beautiful and inspiring to listen to and the real life evidence that the I-STEP training week was one of the highlights of the project. As the teacher could not attend the event, he recorded a video in which he shared his I-STEP experiences and plans for further use of the results. It was great to see the level of impact that the project has achieved. In the coming month the I-STEP results materials will be finalised. Interested in the I-STEP project and its results? Please visit https://i-step.community/!




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