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Newsletter October 2018

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RECREATE Needs Analysis done!

RECREATE aims to stimulate the acquisition of key competences, such as creativit...

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bdf artikel RECREATE Needs Analysis done!

RECREATE Needs Analysis done!

RECREATE aims to stimulate the acquisition of key competences, such as creativity and digital skills through innovative learning environments such as open educational resources, and flexible learning approaches.

In a first step a needs analysis was done. The main aim of this study was to clearly assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the target groups in the selected countries considering the theme of the project, i.e. knowledge-based entrepreneurship. 256 researchers, students, university technical staff, potential entrepreneurs and incubators from 6 European countries contributed to RECREATE questionnaire.

Based on the outcome of the survey results training materials are already being created and they are planned to be piloted in a so called Learning/Teaching/Training Event organized by the coordinator, Technical University of Lodz. The topics of the materials that are being created are:

  • Risk-taking (chosen by 43%)
  • Leadership (chosen by 33%)
  • Start-up funding (chosen by 36%)
  • Business planning (chosen by 33%)
  • Marketing in knowledge triangle work (chosen by 36%)

Taking a look on the fields of interest provided as multiple choice answers in the questionnaires it is positive to mention no country goes against the overall results. All country results are mostly in line with each other, which is an interesting finding of the survey as the number of participants from each country was not equal.

The report can be downloaded here: https://recreate.cti.p.lodz.pl/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/IO1-A4_Final-Report-and-Comparative-Analysis_final.pdf


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